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My classes offer gentle yoga: 

Yoga which builds posture, strength and calm 
Each class blends Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Somatic Yoga,
to create
 a unique experience of movement and held postures, that draws your attention inwards.  

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 Yoga has been a part of my life for many years and I've learned so much about the different aspects of yoga and experienced and explored a range of yoga styles.

I use a blended approach to my teaching. I blend the styles of yoga that contribute to a sense of strength and calm, a sense of exploring movement and feeling into body responses. This means that you will experience movement and postures, tailored to the class theme - drawn from the traditions of Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Somatic Yoga. Each class includes prompts, cues and demonstrations to help you. 


Each tradition carries therapeutic benefits. You can focus into the transitions between postures in Hatha Yoga, the awareness of your breathing and finding strength in held postures. In Yin, you hold seated and lying down shapes that work into your body's deeper tissues. In Somatic movement, you can draw your attention inwards to observe and respond to your body's needs and responses, slowly exploring the shapes made and the potential to deepen or draw away. 

It's a privilege to share yoga, via in-studio classes, classes in community halls and via Zoom. I tailor classes to give each person a really positive experience and love sensing the relaxation and sense of completion as we close a class. 

I teach:​​

Gentle Yoga, combining Hatha, Yin and Somatic Movement - for beginners and returners at: 

  • Wootton Community Centre,  Northampton (Thursday mornings) 

  •  Olney Community Centre, Olney (Monday evenings)

  • Grange Park Community Centre, Northampton (Tuesday afternoons)  

  •  via my Zoom classes. (Monday evenings and Wednesday mornings)

  • Chair Yoga at Wootton Community Centre, Northampton (Monday mornings) 

  • Yin Yoga and Deep Relaxation Yoga via Zoom  

  • Bespoke classes via Zoom 

  • Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga at Virgin Active (members),  Collingtree Park, Northampton


Being a yoga teacher means there is never a dull moment - much of my spare time is spent developing my own practice and my understanding and skills for teaching. I love being part of the yoga community and contributing to it, offering yoga's benefits to others through my teaching.  


My background includes primary school teaching and teaching adults in higher education. 


Qualifications accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals:

200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate

50 Hour Yoga Nidra Teaching Certificate 

70 Hour Somatics for Yoga Teachers Certificate 

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