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Terms and conditions

Class Booking and Payment Terms and Conditions

If you participate in classes run by Julie Jones Yoga you are recognising and agreeing to these terms and conditions:


1. When you book a class there is a requirement that payment is made in advance

2. Where classes are in a series, the whole series is booked and paid for in advance

3. Where classes are not a series and you make a block booking via a class pass, e.g. a four or eight class pass, it is usual that you take the classes in weekly succession. It is requested therefore that you inform JulieJonesYoga if you are unable to attend one of the classes and you will then not be charged for that class, thereby enabling your class pass to cover the classes of your choice.   

4. If you are new to Julie Jones Yoga and deciding to start an online class series via Zoom, you will be offered a phone or Zoom conversation and a free class, prior to making the decision to book.


5. The agreement to book a class or series of classes, or a class pass is undertaken using email, via and is confirmed via email once payment has been received.


6. The preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer. Other methods may be possible through agreement with Julie Jones Yoga.


7. If a class or class series is full at the time when you wish to book there is the option for you to be placed on a waiting list.


8. Clients who have already completed a series of classes and wish to continue onto the next series will be offered priority booking before new applicants.  


9. If a client misses a booked class, it is not usual to give a refund, but this may be agreed at the discretion of Julie Jones Yoga or the option to take an alternative class may be offered, if there is another scheduled class with places available.  


10. If a class or series of classes is cancelled by Julie Jones Yoga the payment already made for that class or series of classes will be refunded by Julie Jones Yoga. Alternatively, the client may choose to accept a credit to be used on another class or series of classes.


11. Every endeavour is made not to alter the timing of sessions, but in exceptional circumstances this may be necessary. As much notice as possible will be given. If the change of time prevents a client from participating, the payment for that class will be refunded by Julie Jones Yoga. Alternatively, the client may choose to accept a credit to be used on another class.


12. Clients who book to take part in a class or series of classes will be sent a Health Questionnaire, Disclaimer and GDPR Form for completion and return to The explanation for this is contained within the form.


13. Clients participating in classes online are expected to have their cameras on, unless previously agreed with Julie Jones Yoga.


14. Clients are referred to to the FAQs for further information about how to set up their screen, microphone and camera to facilitate their online practice.


15. In the case of online classes, if your arrival is after the scheduled online start time, you will be admitted to the class from the online waiting room as soon as the teacher is able to do this.

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